Christoph Hinterhuber

Fotocredit: Rainer Iglar

Christoph Hinterhuber works with a strongly conceptual approach that is characterized by digital content. His work focuses on questions of abstraction and space from different angles. Image, action, digital, virtual, semiotic, architectural, linguistic, sound, public, social, cognitive, and historical rooms are interwoven. Hinterhuber's works develop complex media solutions and move in a broad field encompassing painting, mural painting, neon systems, installation, 3D computer animation, graphics, performance, speech, and techno sound. He created numerous large-format projects on art in public space, permanent installations, site-specific art, art, and architecture. In 2020, Hinterhuber's 55 m long large-format neon installation de-decode de-recode re-decode re-recode, which was already shown at the Kunsthalle Wien in 2006, was relocated onto the roof of the Tiroler Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum (Tyrolean State Museum).

„de-decode de-recode re-decode re-recode“ (Hinterhuber, 2020, Neonanlage – permanente Installation, Tiroler Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum Innsbruck, 90 cm × 5600 cm)

Fotocredit: TLM, Standard


HOOLSHOPPER (Rene Nuderscher) makes experimental noise, soft rock, tape manipulation and "generates intense and dynamically peculiar sound carpets from purely analog sources. The general spectacle is to be set against a different condensation of time. "

For the omg ibk...

... the internationally renowned artist Christoph Hinterhuber and the electronic-experimental sound artist Hoolshopper have come up with an audio-visual concept for the first station "Löwenhaus" of the Innsbruck Nordkettenbahn (Nordkette Cable Car). With the station "Löwenhaus", we use the second station of the Innsbruck Nordkettenbahnen in the valley as a location for the omg ibk as well. At first glance, the station "Löwenhaus" presents itself as an unmistakable continuation of the architectural masterpieces by Zaha Hadid: the tour starts at the "Congress", continues at the “Löwenhaus” and the "Alpenzoo", and finally ends at the "Hungerburg". The extraordinary architecture offers the artists a "canvas" that could hardly be more exciting.


Project location

Fotocredit: Bertram Schrettl