Nicole Weniger

For Nicole Weniger, identity is the most important theme in her artistic work. Questions of belonging, adaptation, social boundaries, and the associated rules of conduct shape her artistic research, which she stages in the multimedia form of performative and photographic interventions. The sociology of space, the relationship of a subject to its environment, be it city or countryside, represents another important aspect. What identity-forming influence does the environment have on people and vice versa?

„Schreiraum“, temporäre Installation im öffentlichen Raum, 2013
Fotocredit: Nicole Weniger

For the omg ibk...

 ... the artist Nicole Weniger has come up with an exciting concept for the north side of the gallery "Reich für die Insel", drawing on the basic principles of the Internet – participation and interactivity. Just like the Internet and Weniger's work, the omg ibk itself is an interactive project. The possibilities for participation and interaction are obligatory both for the variety of content and for the multitude of possibilities that the Internet offers its users. Nicole Weniger takes up this interactive paradigm with her digital work for the omg ibk and intensifies it once more.


Project location