Karin Ferrari

Fotocredit: Stefan Draschan

Karin Ferrari uses images from pop and everyday culture to examine the present. Her work is inspired by the knowledge production of Internet subcultures in the border area of esoteric utopia and political paranoia. Ferrari's work has been shown internationally in museums, art centres and galleries, and has been broadcast on television. Karin Ferrari has had research stays and artist residencies in the USA, Europe, and Southeast Asia.


„Decoding the iPhone XS. A Techno-Magical Portal.“ (Karin Ferrari, 2019, Videoinstallation, „Trash Mysticism“ im
Ferdinandeum Innsbruck)
Fotocredit: Wolfgang Lackner

For the omg ibk...

... Karin Ferrari will create a digital video work at the Talstation Congress of the Innsbruck Nordkettenbahn (Nordkette Cable Car). In her works, Ferrari repeatedly deals with content between pop and everyday culture. The artist, who works in New York, Paris, and Rum, communicates socially critical topics with humorous ease, but always pointedly. In her works, she particularly deals with conspiracy theories, spirituality, esotericism and similar (web) phenomena. At this extraordinary first exhibition of the omg ibk "frei.raum.ge(h)stalten. – digital ways out of the analogue crisis", the unmistakable architecture of Zaha Hadid and the brilliant work of Karin Ferrari – two of the most important artists of our time – enter into dialogue with each other.


Project location

Fotocredit: Bertram Schrettl