Ivona Macejevska & Ignas Varanauskas

Bildcredit: Ivona Macejevska (links)

Together, Ivona and Ignas create modern generative art and innovative tools that raise the bar
on the synergistic possibilities of visuals and sound.
Cook up mind-altering experiences in generative art that require expertise in math, coding and the science of sound.

Paradoxically complexity and simplicity seem to feed off each other. The algorithm as hermetic embryo, nourished with right input data, expands its generative desire to fill space and time.
When the algorithmic genie-in-the-bottle is invoked a lot of something comes from almost nothing.
Ongoing journey into deeper, more meditative rhythms. Abandoning forthright techno dynamics and presenting mesmerising sound worlds with nimble arps and gliding pads. Hint at a process we have all been
undergoing for the past year – leaving behind old structures, in the light of the still unknown.

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Ivona Macejevska: „The Void“ Year: 2022 Software: Touchdesigner / Generative art

For the omg ibk...

... the two technophile artists Ivona Macejevska and Ignas Varanauskas, who moved from Lithuania's capital Vilnius to Innsbruck years ago, do not just take a "trip" into digital worlds. Rather, the two have been working predominantly with digital media for quite some time. Macejevska, who has also occupied herself with tattooing, makes digital animations in addition to digital images. Whereas Ignas Varanauskas has been producing experimental techno for years using the alias Ministik. Among other things, he therefore uses various self-made synthesizers as well as samples recorded in everyday life. The collaborative work of the two "digital-natives" will be shown at the kiosk of the cultural centre "Talstation".


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Fotocredit: Bertram Schrettl