Franz WasseRmann

Fotocredit: Robert Fleischanderl

Born in 1963, Franz Wassermann lives and works as a sculptor in Vienna. He deals with power structures in our society and examines the interplay between power and powerlessness to which both the individual and the collective are exposed. His interventions and installations deal with taboo topics, such as the sexual abuse of children (NARBEN), National Socialism and the culture of remembrance (TEMPORÄRES DENKMAL), AIDS and stigma (BARBIE + KEN = HIV+), migration (SCHUBHAFT), authority and symbolic capital in the cultural sector (ALBERTINA, IKONEN) and the power of the media / images (TATENTRÄGER). Wassermann makes these topics visible in the public space and initiates dialogues, to which he reacts with artistic means so that they become part of his projects. The artist thereby cooperates with various partners, including the population, associations, activists, companies, and experts from a wide range of fields of knowledge. Wassermann carries the traces of these dialogues in the form of objects, video works, photographs, and prints into the gallery, where they experience a second discussion.

„Der Kuss“, (Franz Wassermann, 1998, Video-/Konzeptkunst)
Fotocredit: Robert Fleischanderl

For the omg ibk...

 ... Franz Wassermann, an artist who joins the most critical, unconventional, uncomfortable but also the most expressive and authentic artists of our time, places one of his video works in the “Haus der Musik” ("House of Music"). While Wassermann sometimes even lets a whole demonstrative procession march up with drums, martial flags etc. in public places to express his point of view, the work that will be seen in the omg ibk will leave an impression through its silence, tenderness and lightness.


Project location

Fotocredit: Bertram Schrettl