Clemens Ascher

Fotocredit: Clemens Ascher

What at first glance seems like an easily digestible feast for the eyes actually deals with some of the most relevant and disturbing issues of our time. Social control through generated desires, alienation from nature and other uncomfortable contemporary truths represent the superstructure to Clemens Ascher's photographs.

While these constructed worlds are reminiscent of theatrical backdrops, there is something eerie and puppet-like about their protagonists. Ascher combines various styles and themes from art history as well as images from our collective memory in order to make new contemporary statements. Formally, his often large-format works have painterly aspects, with greatly modified perspectives and almost abstract compositions. For more than seven years, Ascher has been developing this body of work – a world constructed in the same way as the belief systems he satirizes.

The Tyrolean photographer Clemens Ascher (*1983) is known for his conceptual, staged photography and his photorealistic collages. His works have gained international presence and are widely published.

Text: Nadine Barth
Freelance curator and editor at Hatje Cantz

Fotocredit: Clemens Ascher

For the omg...

... Clemens Ascher wants to incite, not so say breathe life into the surreal sceneries that he captures by camera and make his style so unmistakable. For the omg ibk, he will create a QR code at the Plattform mobile Kulturinitiativen (better known as p.m.k.) in the Viaduktbögen.


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